Special Skills

Missional Masterplanning

This structured service for church and community leaders enables you to firstly discover the priorities of your members and then the deficiencies of your property in serving the agreed mission. A brief for effective change follows which is workshopped with you and developed into a staged and costed plan. Missional ID Service


Enabling Development

We identify how your redundant property can be leveraged to release value that can be better used to serve your specific mission.  Originally developed for church clients, this process can be applied to anyone.


Heritage Buildings

Your heritage building should be an asset to your work, not a liability. In addition to restoring your building, we help to make them useful for a range of activities. Giving them contemporary purpose will ensure their retention, making them valuable to you and to society.


We can help you to plan ahead with guidance frameworks like the, “Designing for Mission” guidebook for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne which we co-authored. Fred Batterton's book, "Making Property Serve Mission" Is another guidebook for church leaders and is available worldwide on e-book and paperback.

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Enabling Development Diagram