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Making Property Serve Mission

Making Property Serve Mission looks at the buildings and land accumulated by the Christian Church and asks, Is its property enabling the mission of the Church in the twenty-first century? If so, how are churches achieving this aim, and if not, what should be done?

Independent media reviews (pdf 378kb)

Architect Fred Batterton considers church property and its impact on mission. He explores the opportunities that buildings can offer, how to get started, options for financing and outcomes that can be expected.


Covering all building types and with 77 colour illustrations, the book has 290 pages, is divided into 11 subject areas with FAQs and a call to action. Available as ebook and paperback worldwide.

“A gift to the wider Church.

Daniel Bullock, Director of Mission & Ministries, Baptist Union of Victoria, Australia

“A wealth of insight.”

Dale Stephenson, Senior Pastor Crossway Baptist Church, Australia

“This book rekindles our longing to speak the good news with relevance, power and grace.”

Richard Giles, author of Re-pitching the Tent and former Dean of Philadelphia Cathedral


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