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55. To Passivhaus -- and Beyond

Environmentally, socially and spiritually beneficial buildings
Passivhaus (Passive House) is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the buildings ecological footprint. But it is much more that sounds…click title to download (406kb)

54: Anatomy of a Building Project

 “What are the stages of a building project?” clients often ask. “Where do we start and how long will it take ?” “What does it all cost and who will help?”  Here it is

53: Now Might Be The Best Time To Build

• Building costs are down between 5% and 10%• The trend could last 12 on

52: Pandemic and Church Buildings

Are we starting to see some changes that may have far-reaching impacts on the Christian church and upon its buildings. Download 175Kb

51: How Keep Your Church Cool in Summer

For some of you this is not a problem but for most it can be. Here are a few tips... Download 170Kb

50. Reality Check

Reality Check asks, “How can we get back to the core business of the Church?”Click here to download...

49. Building more Wells

What kind of spaces does the agile church need in the 21stC?…Click here to download 268 kb

48. Changing Heritage Buildings and The Too Hard Basket

So why would you want to change a heritage church building?…Click here to download 261 kb

47. Innovation in Church Kitchens.

Reach Church Kitchen by Reuben Kuah
The tight little kitchen that serves over 200 people quickly.…Click here or the title to download 990 kb

46. Looking Up

This is a new series about experiences. If our buildings are valuable assets, shouldn’t we protect them against becoming liabilities? …Click here or the image to download 168kb


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