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14. Retal Analogies: The Largest Chain with The Gospel as its product

The Church can be considered like a world wide retail chain. What can we learn? Read on...

13. Retail Analogies: Managing the Threshhold

How formidable is our church building's threshold? Why would a stranger cross it and how can we offer an invitation to do so? Take a look at this week's blog.

12. Retail Analogies: High Street Locations

Some heritage and 20th-century churches are in locations that would be sought after by severalretail chains. Could this be better leveraged for the church’s core business? Take a look at thisweek’s blog.

11. Retail Analogies: The Church in the Street

How are we experienced by the visitor? Read on...

10. 21stC Church: Epilogue

Here we conclude our discussions about New vs Heritage buildings as a base for Church. Read on...

9. 21stC Church: 4 of 4 Wise Stewards

The fourth in our series of comparisons between new and heritage buildings. Being wise stewards of the Church's property. Read on...

8. 21stC Church: 3 of 4 Offering Hospitality

The third in our series of comparisons between new and heritage buildings. How do we make that welcoming first impression? Read on..

7. 21stC Church: 2 of 4. Encouraging Relationships

The second in our series of comparisons between new or heritage buildings. At St Aldates Oxford, the character of the heritage walls and roof have been made more apparent with lighting and paint, while the fully accessible new level floor is on

6. 21stC Church: Better in New or Heritage Building? 1 of 4

What serves the needs of a 21st century church better, a new building or a heritage building?  Do you have a heritage building that is inflexible and a costly liability to maintain, or perhaps you have a modern church centre that is bland and uninspiring? The public image of...

5. Mission Enabled: Hospitality

Crossway Baptist foyer cafe
What does it mean for a church to be hospitable?  Apart from a warm welcome from members upon entry, the facilities can facilitate hospitality. Read on...


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