Rev David MacInnes, Rector, St Aldates, Oxford: Church Adaptation & New Entrance -

“(The project)… brought the congregation together rather than dividing it. When we came back into the building…we found the church was even better than we had expected.  The project had a great spiritual effect upon the congregation.  We have a freedom… It is not a Sunday only building.  So, both in its spiritual impact and on our ministry it has been absolutely remarkable"

Jude Waldron, Pastor, Armadale Baptist Church: Community Arts Hub -

"We are really happy with your work – so many people are in awe and joy at the renovation and it’s definitely conformed to your aim of building for mission."

Steve Black, Corps Officer, Mooroolbark Salvation Army: New Church Complex -

"The building is fantastic, it does everything we want". "We are enjoying a building that not only suits our needs for Worship and local activities but also available for the community to utilize.  The Worship Centre in particular has a very warm & soft atmosphere when people gather to Worship".

Doug Mitchell, Client Representative, St Alfred’s Anglican Church: New Church -

“I enjoyed facing the many challenges and working through them, eventually seeing all of our wish list included in the final product. It was great to see the project completed and the church filled up to overflowing, the design working as it was planned …  membership has grown to 630 and every room is fully used.”

Doug Petering, Past Church Warden, St Alfred's Anglican Church: New Church -

"At St Alfred’s we continue to rejoice and marvel at the outcome of your work for us over the past decade or so. Our facilities continue to work brilliantly for us in so many ways."