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Mooroolbark Salvation Army Corps

This 250 space is designed for both intimacy and transcendence. The seating layout wraps around 90° with an exposed timber roof structure. The vertical fluting of the back wall and focused daylighting lifts the users experience in addition to serving the natural cooling system. Its thermal chimney and basement labyrinth make good use of a 1 in 6 challenging sloping site.

Steve Black, Corps Officer, Mooroolbark Salvation Army: New Church Complex -
"The building is fantastic, it does everything we want". "As we approach the end of our fist year of occupancy we are enjoying a building that not only suits our needs for worship and local activities but also available for the community to utilize.  The Worship Centre in particular has a very warm & soft atmosphere when people gather to Worship".

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Thermal chimney cools the auditorium naturally