Church Design

Church design by Studio B serves the mission calling of the individual church community; putting its property in better service of of its mission.  Designing for mission responds to many issues including how people relate to God and one another, creating a public image, providing shelter and caring for creation, being wise stewards and reviewing property periodically. 

Missional Masterplanning

This pre-design service first engages members in clarifying mission priorities. Any existing property is then analysed in service of declared mission prior to workshopping design ideas. This is based on Fred Batterton's book, "Making Property Serve Mission".Download Missional Massterplanning Guide 417kb

Integrated Mission & Development Masterplanning

Identifying how redundant church property can be leveraged to release value and better serve its specific mission.  Download 395kb

Strategic Property & Mission Advice

Services can be provided such as that carried out for Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne who commissioned Studio B to co-author a report on the relationship between property and mission.  This included a toolkit to help churches identify their specific mission and then determine how their property can best serve it. This guide book is being made available to all Catholic parishes.

Projects: Auditoria,  Church Complexes,  Development,  Heritage

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Integrated Mission and Development Masterplanning