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One to One Workshop. October 4 th 2013

On Friday October the 4th I (Sergey of Studio B Architects) participated in a design and build workshop organised by SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture) and Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, which brought together students from the School’s of Architecture and practicing Architects and Graduates to collaboratively work together in creating small works of Architecture and furniture in one day, with a limited budget to define a space for a bar at Soldier Sailor in Fitzroy. This workshop was about multidisciplinary collaboration, developing community and building relationships.  For the participating Architects, Graduates and current students it was an opportunity to get out there and mix with the community of passionate professionals and students in order to see how design comes to fruition through collaboration and communication, and how creative ideas can transform the spaces we live in. Helping with the practicalities of construction within this short time was aided by highly skilled builders who took responsibility for operating specialized equipment.

All participants formed groups, with each group receiving a specific task or brief in designing the space. The group i was articled with was tasked with making an interactive element that would allow users to change it and participate in activities during the celebration that same evening. Other groups were delegated to create such pieces as seating, bar tables, lighting and entry features. Each group had to use only those materials that were available on site – some of them new and some recycled furniture and supplies. Our teams main secret weapons were: A second-hand billiard table; Recycled bed springs; Chairs and recycled timbers that combined would create our interactive element. Firstly it was a rotating table which allowed it to be adjusted not only horizontally but vertically as well. If someone wanted to use it, one would not be able to do it on their own. The person would need to cooperate with others to hold the table in balance. This was a great way to demonstrate and promote interaction and mutual acceptance between people (who minutes ago knew nothing about each other) and develop friendships right on the spot.

Secondly our group made a trampoline out of recycled bed springs covered with carpet – that was a most popular piece during the celebration – I mean, who would not appreciate a bouncy carpet. And finally we built benches covered in seconds of carpet tiles and a variety of chair backs to create seating for the table. This eclectic furniture brought richness to the space and attracted visitors. We see it as a great success of sustainable design, of collegiate and community involvement. In conclusion this workshop illustrates how important it is to develop strong relationships during a project. This applies largely to the industry on the whole. Building relationships between client, architect, builder and specialists where every party supports the other is important. Our team at Studio B Architects takes this practice seriously with every project we are involved in, whether big or small. This results in making high quality spaces and building fabric – which is Architecture of Community.

One to One Workshop

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